Open Door Furniture Recycling - Range Of Goods

Range of Goods

We receive and supply a wide range of basic furniture including curtains bedding, pots pans and kitchen utensils. We also repair and refurbish white goods, (Electric cookers, fridges, freezers, washing machines etc) and smaller domestic appliances including TV’s.
We can supply...
Living Room Furniture
- Suites
- Dining Tables
- Wall Units
Bedroom Furniture
- Double Beds
- Single Beds
- Wardrobes
- Drawers
Kitchen Items
- Electric Cookers
- Fridges
- Fridge Freezers
- Washing Machines
- Dishwashers

… and much much more

How can you help?
We rely entirely on donations of furniture and domestic appliances from members of the public.

We would ask that these goods:
• Be in a condition that a reasonable person would be content with and able to use
• Or easily restorable to such a condition
• Have potential value for sale in support of our work

Donations of suites or arm chairs MUST have a fire label (post 1998).

Just ring Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.30pm.
We are out collecting and delivering five days a week and service each area of Burnley and Pendle on allocated days.

We operate on a ‘first come first served ‘ basis, which means that it will not always be possible to collect as soon as you would wish. We will adhere as closely as possible to all pre-arranged service times.

Please bring smaller items direct to the project where possible.
We can supply